Providing transparent and accessible design services to all is the inspiration behind Dan Alan Design by Dan Pederson. 

Dan's innate ability to create inviting and unique home spaces was proven at the age of 10 when he successfully rearranged his parents' home while they were out to dinner. His parents encouraged and affirmed this monthly exercise for many years, leading him to pursue his passion for interior design.

While selling luxury custom goods to architects and interior designers, Dan witnessed a strong demand from a new generation of buyers. Today's client require a transparent and no nonsense approach when buying home furnishings, whether it be exclusive trade or mainstream retail sourcing. Dan Alan Design has a streamlined and simplified approach -- charge a flat fee or by the hour.​   

Dan's professional experience in executive level administration, coupled with his formal MBA education, intrinsic design ingenuity and trade industry insight, give him the unique ability to tailor each design project. Dan Alan Design provides creative, professional, and efficient client services that successfully deliver a beautifully executed living space.