Home Decor + Design

Home Decor & Design services are available in an array of options from ground up new construction (finish selections and full interior design and decor) to instances where only paint color selection asstistance is needed. 

A driving core principle of Dan Alan Design is to utilize furniture and decor items that you already own, then buid upon that as your budget/needs permits. Your home should reflect your individual personality and vision as each item you acquire over time adds to the overall story of your home.


Clients may want their space refreshed by simply consulting on how to rearrange existing furniture and decor that creates a crisp new look and feel without large budget commitments or time constraints. This unique service called "a change of space" is offered exclusively by Dan Alan Design, which provides an immediate transformation to your home.  

"Partnering simplicity with sophistication and a classically modern approach to interior design for a change of space..."

 Dan Alan Design is built upon professional superb customer service with transparent and accessible design serivces to all. Rates are staightforward by the hour or flat fee per project wihout hideen fees - no commissions or additional price mark-up on goods purchased.